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The Colorway advantage

Colorway’s unique feature set is designed to take the drudgery out of all aspects of creating and managing artwork variations—saving significant amounts of time, reducing the potential for errors and letting you concentrate on refining your design’s aesthetics. With the power to iterate freely and make changes right up to the last minute, you can explore more options and ultimately arrive at better decisions. And since your ideas are communicated with the benefit of true 3D lighting, shading, materials and depth of field, you’ll have the confidence that your stakeholders fully appreciate your intentions.

  • Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" 64-bit, or later
  • Windows 7 64-bit (SP1), or later
  • Graphics card with OpenGL 3.2 or later & 1 GB of GPU RAM
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 2 GB of hard drive space
What's new
  • Use 3D assets to create realistic visualisations, change colours and modify graphics without needing 3D modelling experience
  • An entirely redesigned interface and experience offering you a lighter and brighter creative space
  • Dynamically develop tables that can automatically reference your 3D asset, link to a local CSV spreadsheet or even link to a complex database system
  • Personalise your interface with preferences, snap and hide menus, and use helpful keyboard shortcuts
  • Export your palettes to share with the Colorway community
  • Flatten your 3D asset with one click, giving it a 2D effect
  • Use an animated GIF as a graphic to apply to your 3D asset part
  • Dynamic sheets mean you can link sheets and also create contact sheets, automating multi-sheet layout functions
  • Performance enhancements allow you to load your high-resolution renders in seconds while creating variations instantly
  • Clear palettes swatches with one click
  • Modify metadata within the application by selecting the 3D asset’s part and using the properties tab
  • Updated Colorway for Modo Kit allows you to render multiple camera scenes in a single export
  • Download FREE Foundry assets so you can start exploring the benefits of Colorway immediately


Tips & tricks

How much is Colorway?

Colorway is currently free to trial for personal use only. The trial period is 30 days. To obtain an enterprise license for commercial purposes, please contact us

What's different about this version of Colorway?

Colorway 2.2v3 (codename Dalston) expands on existing features by refining the workflow of a Designer or Artist while giving you the possibility to personalise specific features in user preferences. We’ve worked alongside Designers to create automated Design specifications - our dynamic tables can be customised to display a chart of the colors, elements and even the metadata linked to your item. With the all new Colorway, no more color or material call-outs for products or packaging.

Can I continue to use Colorway 1.X?

No. Your Colorway 1.X license has now expired.

How is Colorway licensed?

Colorway is currently free to trial for personal use only. The trial period is 30 days and can be renewed by selecting ‘Try Colorway’ once your license expires. This option may be removed in the future and we’ll notify you if it does. To obtain an enterprise license for commercial use, please contact us

Are there floating and node-locked versions?

Trial licenses are node-locked, but you have a trial license on as many machines as you need.

Is there an Education license available?

Education licenses and training are available on an ad-hoc basis by contacting us at

How does the Colorway installer work?

Just like other Foundry products, download the installer, double-click to run it and follow the instructions to install the application. We recommend uninstalling your old versions of Colorway and restarting your system prior to installing a new version. If you need assistance with installation, please visit where you can find helpful information or contact our support team directly.

How do I make sure I always have the latest Colorway?

When we release a new version, you’ll be notified by email and invited to update your software. You can also select  'Check for updates' in Colorway's Help menu to see if you're up to date.

Where do I go for technical support on Colorway?

Visit the Colorway section of the Community forums. Users and developers regularly read it, so feel free to ask questions.